HexH2o amphibious drone captures land and underwater footage

QuadH2o hexcopter drone

Drones that can shoot high quality videos and stable images are always in demand. Doing it on land as well as underwater truly adds to the feature list. Going one step ahead of the WBDroneV waterproof drone, this hexcopter can shoot watersport activities in action. Dubbed as HexH2o, this hexrotor drone is tailor-made for speed and agility to keep-up with jet skis, speedboats or water powered exoskeletons.

The waterproof drone is equipped with GoPro, FPV setup and DJI Zenmuse H3-3D gimbal for 3-axis image stabilization. Courtesy the lithium polymer battery, this drone can fly for 25 minutes in one go. When one pairs the drone with GoPro and FPV setup, the drone can take some impressive aerial footage on land, over water as well as a few feet under water.

HexH2o is going to be up for preorder in the coming days and it remains to be seen if it will be competitively priced or not. For now enjoy it in the video and photos.

QuadH2o hexcopter drone



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