Must have Android Apps in 2015 for every geek

Must have Android apps in 2015

Android mobile devices have dominated the market in the last few years, and owing to the endless list of Android apps the portfolio keeps getting bigger and stronger. To complement the thumping hardware that Android OS powered devices have, apps have increased the utility of smartphone and tablets by three folds. Let’s have a look at some of the must have apps for your Android powered smartphone or tablet in 2014 and the upcoming year 2015.

1) Clean Master (Performance/Utility)

Clean Master Speed booster Android app

This app is one of the most downloaded apps in the Play Store due to the sheer features it provides. It keeps your phone in perfectly running condition and warns on the initial signs of any problem. Clean Master (Speed Booster) app comes with a plethora of options to scan and weed out junk files that may slow down you mobile device. The app developer Cheetah Mobile has incorporated other features like one touch access to all the main functions such as turning on the flashlight, toggling screen brightness, Auto-rotate, weather update and many more from the homescreen.

The app is quite handy and I always make it a point to install it whenever I factory reset my phone or someone else is looking for a good performance enhancing and utility app.

Clean Master (Speed Booster) is free for download from the Play Store and comes with loads of features that you can explore.

2) SwiftKey Keyboard + Emoji (Productivity)

SwiftKey Keyboard emoji Android app

This award winning app is a must have for every smartphone and tablet for its sheer features. SwiftKey Keyboard + Emoji app delivers one of the best next word prediction, autocorrect and support for over 800 emoji predictions. The smart, fast typing app for Android can be set as default across all apps installed on your mobile device and after that you’ll be amazed by the intuitiveness of this app’s ability to make typing a fun experience.

3) Twilight (Utility)

Twilight app Android

All of us who use smartphones and tablets are addicted to these revolutionary gadgets. But watching the screen of your smartphone or tablet constantly can result in eye strain and disrupted sleep cycles. Twilight app for your Android mobile device is one that you should desperately install on your device if you just can’t help but look at it again and again to check for any incoming notifications.

Also if you are into the habit of working on your mobile devices late in the night Twilight can help you sleep better. The app changes the device screen to a tint of tungsten after sunset and adjusts gradually to dim the display of screen. This helps in reducing strain on the eyes and also makes you sleep better.

Twilight app is free for download in the Play Store, and if you want to purchase the Pro version for USD $1.60 then you’ll get more options in customizing the dimming characteristics and custom profiles.

4) ES File Explorer (Resource management tool)

ES File Explorer app Android

Another favorite app of mine is the ES File Explorer File Manager that functions like an easy to use file and app manager for your device. Unlike the limited capability of in-built apps to manage your content, this file explorer manages your files like you do on a desktop or laptop. You can also manage your files on smartphone or tablet from your computer remotely using ES File Explorer.

This free productivity app has over 300 million global downloads, showing that your phone’s default file manager can’t compare to the options that this file explorer provides.

5) CM Security (Security)

CM Security app Android

Another app from Cheetah Mobile that I never seize to install on my device(s). This security app keeps your device away from any malicious content or vulnerabilities that might steal your personal data. The app also doubles as an app lock utility which keeps all your important applications like Facebook, WhatsApp, Gallery etc. away from intruders who might want to take a peek inside your phone.

With this utility installed on your mobile device you can skip the screen lock and only lock the apps and features that you find susceptible to prying eyes. A new feature in the app allows you to hide personal photos and files in the vault.

CM Security app is free for download from the Play Store and you will surely like the features that come in this application.

6) Flipboard (News & Magazine)

Flipboard app Android

This magazine styled app for you collects all the top articles for chosen topics and presents it in a flip-styled format. The app has seen many refinements and UI improvements that will definitely force you into using it everyday. A new feature that creates a daily edition of carefully selected articles for you really stands out and keep you abreast all your favorite topics on the internet.

Flipboard integrates your favorite content from blogs, news websites and social-networks too. You can browse photos, articles on current trending topics and much more with this app in a jiffy.

Flipboard is free for download in the Play Store and rest-assured you’ll like it definitely.

7) Photo Editor by Aviary (Photography and editing)

Photo editor by Aviary Android app

Want to add that oomph factor to your photograph without much fuzz? Then this tool is the best out there. Although I have tried out other popular photo editing tools too, But Aviary is on top of my list and installed on my mobile device at all times. The easy to use interface and plethora of options for editing images makes it a must-have app for photography fanatics.

Once you’ll download the Photo Editor by Aviary you’ll definitely find it ultra-easy to edit photographs in a jiffy.

8) TuneIn Radio (Music & Audio)

TuneIn Radio app Android

Looking to access the world’s largest collection of radio stations on your tablet or smartphone? Look no further as things don’t get better than this. TuneIn Radio app will spoil you for choices with its mind-numbing collection of radio channels spread across variety of genres like music, news, local radio stations etc. Further, the music section is loaded with audio from world over.

The app provides lots of settings to stream your favorite radio channel without irritating buffer time or lag. This app is highly recommended for geeks who just can’t do away with music.

9) ColorNote Notepad Notes To do (Productivity)

9)	ColorNote Notepad Notes To do

A simple and effective notepad app that will do all the remembering for you. In this busy world where everything is hard to remember, the ColorNote Notepad Notes To Do app does it all for you.
The freeware app is very light on your phone and comes with loads of options to create to-do lists, shopping lists, notes and much more. You can download the app right away from Play Store by following this link.

10) Backgrounds HD (Personalization)

BackgroundsHD Android app

This is one app that turns your smartphone as a canvas for beautiful backgrounds that you just can’t help but peek at. The collection of wallpapers in various genres like nature, cars, quotes etc. make this app one of the largest downloaded personalization app in the Play Store.

One good feature that I discovered using this app is its ability to apply any picture as a wallpaper across the homescreen of your mobile device. For example you might click a picture of a landscape and apply it entirely without cropping on your phone. You can download Wallpapers HD freeware app from the Play Store right now.



Hailing from the northern region of India, Gaurav has a profound liking for everything upbeat in the cloud and vision to acquaint readers with the latest technology news. He likes to observe nature, write thought provoking quotes, travel places, drive cars and play video games when things get too boring. And his food for thought comes from ambient music scores he listens to.

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  1. Sonia Bray says:

    A nice list of some very useful apps. At present, I’m using MX Player and TrueCaller apps, from among the apps listed by you. But it makes sense to give the other apps a try too!

    As long as they are going to boost productivity, I’m okay with installing any app! 🙂 And I’m sure the above mentioned apps will help squeeze out that extra bit of productivity from my Android smartphone!

    Okay, a personal suggestion of mine- Papyrus app. It helps me scribble down ideas related to blog posts and other topics on the go. Whenever I get an idea to write a blog post, I note it down on Papyrus app, so that I can recall that idea easily, later. I think it’ll be real handy for bloggers 🙂 Just my little suggestion though! 🙂

    Found link to this useful post on Kingged!

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