Chinese veteran makes world’s smallest drivable car

Xu Zhiyun invents worlds smallest car

To combat the crowded streets of Shanghai, a 60 year old Chinese inventor Xu Zhiyun has invented the world’s smallest drivable car. The car has been in the making for two years and comes with engine, brake lights, hear system, horn and sound system to complement its miniature build. It cost Xu just £155 ($243 USD) to complete this mini car which is quite economical. The car measures just 60cm in length, 35cm in width and 40cm in height.

The driving pedals (brake, accelerator and clutch) are placed on the front of the car on a resting pad which makes sure the driver is comfortably seated while driving. It is not clear whether the car is road legal or not, but Xu can be seen driving it on the crowded streets of Shanghai.

Apparently Shanghai is deemed to have the worst traffic in China and to take on this Xu decided to make his own mini car that won’t get stuck in traffic and contribute to the problem.

Xu Zhiyun invents worlds smallest car

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