Sony’s single lens display module morphs ordinary glasses into HUD

Sony single lens display for wearable glasses

Looking at the inevitable possibility of wearable technology dominated future, Sony has announced the development of a compact and lightweight single-lens display module with OLED technology for enhanced image quality. The module will come handy with any normal eyewear that is capable of displaying high quality visual information. Which means that one can attach it to a pair of sunglasses, goggles, spectacles etc. and incorporate the functionality of a HUD.

Sony single lens display for wearable glasses

The module is detachable and attachable with ease, while its light-weight and compactness makes it easy to carry around with you at all times. Sony display module has one of the smallest 0.23 inch high-resolution (640×400) color OLED Microdisplay made using Sony’s unique OLED and semiconductor silicon drive technologies. The micro-optical unit project high quality image onto the glasses which is viewable in any lighting conditions, sunny outdoor environment to the dark indoors.

Sony single-lens display module has a ARM Cortex-A7 processor and a 400mAh battery of its own to do all the image processing. The unit weighs just 40 grams (22 grams for display arm and 18 grams for secondary arm) and if you are going to attach this module to light-weight glasses then it is going to be an interesting wearable to explore.

Sony single lens display for wearable glasses

Sony is going to unveil the prototype version of this display unit at CES 2015 (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas, US. The module can be used for sports activities like cycling, running etc. by pairing up with action cameras having remote display capabilities.

UPDATE: Sony has released the SmartGlasses at CES 2015 and they are quite lightweight and flexible enough to be worn with any pair of glasses.

Source: Sony



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