Jaw-dropping Star Wars themed Christmas light display

Christmas light display

So how do you decorate your home on Christmas Eve? Decorative trees, ornaments or with Santa’s decorative items? Have a look at this Star Wars Christmas Lights Show by Tom Bet George, a music teacher/director from COVA Conservatory in Oakland and Centerville Presbyterian Church in Fremont. And it is done for a good cause as the money collected from the display will be used to raise money for poor and homeless. The light show boasts a total of 100,000 LED lights on 12,500 channels making it a mesmerizing spectacle all-together.

The light show is very detailed as you can see in the video. All the notes played visually through the instruments like the huge guitar or piano are exactly the same as you hear them. Not a surprise since he is a music teacher. Everything is picture perfect and synched beautifully. Watch the complete video and you’ll be impressed by what this music teacher has managed to put together for this Christmas.

The light show is going to be on display till Christmas time during 6:00-10:00 PM in the corner of Lafayette Avenue and Ruschin DriveNewark, outside this man’s home. So if you happen to pass by, make sure to have a look at this spell-bounding display.



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