Christmas gift ideas: Gadgets for outdoor enthusiasts

Christmas gift ideas - Gadget accessories for outdoor enthusiasts

This Christmas Eve outdoor adventure is going to be on top of your list for sure. For such outdoor enthusiasts, gadgets are going to be on top of the shopping list to make adventure trips and outdoor activities much more fun. Whether you are going on a hiking trip, trekking adventure or a short outdoor expedition; geeks like you surely want to have these accessories handy with you. Even if you don’t want these gadget accessories for yourself, these make for a good gift this holiday season for friends and family.

1) Nudown NutTech jacket

Nudown NuTech argon jacket

Winters are here and the warmth of a jacket definitely keeps you up to the task in cold weather. Nudown NutTech jacket is fitted with a pocket-sized hand pump that pumps Argon gas to keep you warm in col conditions. A single pump increases the temperature by one degree Fahrenheit. That means 20 pumps will get you through a cold winter day while 40 pumps will keep you cozy in chilling winters.

Buy: $600 USD

2) Kobo Aura H2O eReader

Waterproof Kobo Aura H20 eReader

Waterproof Kobo Aura H20 eReader

For those of you who just can’t let their eReader at home, the waterproof Kobo Aura H2O eReader is a perfect accessory to carry. The IP67 Certified waterproof eReader can be submerged in 1 meter of water for 30 minutes. The eReader is fitted with a 1 GHz processor and a resolution of 1430×1080 at 265 dpi.

Buy: USD $179 

3) Folding helmet


Overade Plixi is a folding helmet designed for urban commuters and adventure seekers who like to carry a lightweight helmet that takes minimum space in their backpack. The helmet made from ABS outer shell and EPS internal shell folds origami style into itself for a very minimalistic form factor and is certified with EN1078 European standard for safety.

Buy:75,00  ($92 USD)

4) Fitness equipment + Watercraft

Schiller X1 water bike

First ever watercraft that can be driven in reverse

This is Schiller X1 bike which is a fitness equipment and watercraft that is propelled forward using pedal power. This one of its kind watercraft is designed by Judah Schiller from San Francisco with the view of giving its riders an unparalleled experience. The bike has rudderless technology and twin oscillating propellers to control the handlebars. Although, you might get deterred by the hefty price tag, but still a good buy of you have enough money in the bank.

Buy: USD $6495

5) Personal water filter

LifeStraw personal water filter

Whenever you are venturing out into uncharted territory water is one thing you want to be sure of. Infected water can make you sick and out in the wild it can be a real predicament. Award winning LifeStraw Personal Water Filter can be your best friend on hiking or adventure trips to be rest-assured of drinking purified water, no matter what the conditions are. This portable water filter kills 99.99% waterborne bacteria from any kind of polluted water and makes it drinkable.

LifeStraw personal water filter

Buy: USD $19 

6) Waterproof Bluetooth speaker

Waterproof EcoStone Bluetooth speaker

EcoStone speaker tested to perform in the most extreme temperature conditions

For music buffs going even an hour or so without ear pleasing melodies is a tough task. So why shy away from listening to your favorite music when on an adventure trip? Ecostone Bluetooth Speaker is your must-have gadget on any kind of outdoor activity as it is waterproof and shatterproof. The 24W speaker is loud enough to hear and comes with a rear mounted subwoofer to enhance the sound output. The speaker can be charged via a USB charging port in 2.5 hours and gives around 12 hours of non-stop music playback.

Buy: USD $150 

7) goTenna

goTenna- text without signal

Brooklyn-based startup goTenna has come up with a very intuitive gadget that pairs with your smartphone to send text messages and share your location even when there are no network signals. The device uses low energy Bluetooth signal to communicate with your smartphone and then send the intended message to other smartphone using long-range radio signals.

Buy: USD $150 (for a pair)

8) 9000 mAh portable battery

Tunemax Ruggedpower portable battery

For your power hungry gadgets having portable battery power always pays-off in a long grueling trip. Tunemax Ruggedpower portable battery bank boasts a 9000mAh backup in a very small form factor. This is important because you have so much stuff to carry in your backpack that there is barely any space of big battery banks. Other than that the gadget accessory doubles as a flashlight and compass for adventure seekers.

Buy: USD $79.95 

9) Inflatable tent

Heimplanet Mavericks inflatable tent

Heimplanet Mavericks is an inflatable tent that can bear winds up to 180 km/h and no wonder it was used for the Red Bull Storm Chase. The tent can be set-up in just 10 minutes and it can give shelter to 10 people in case of stormy conditions on a snow-capped mountain or amidst a tornado infested area. The price tag is quite high, but if you are a hardcore thrill seeker, the outdoor accessory is tailor-made for you.

Buy: €4,999 (USD $6115)

10) Wristwatch light

SureFire 2211 Luminox WristLight

SureFire 2211 Luminox WristLight is a 300 lumen tactical light that will never let you get lost out in the wild. Based on the company’s 2211 model, the wearable comes with a rechargeable Li-Ion integral battery and a high-performance LED that can run for 13 hours non-stop on the medium settings. The light can be run on 15 or 60 lumens settings too if don’t need the blast of 300 lumens.

Buy: USD $795 

11) Flint laces

Flint laces

When out in the wild there is always a chance of getting yourself drenched in rain. Well, if you have matchsticks or other inflammable material it is pretty well rendered useless. For such times you should always have Flintstone handy with you. Perhaps, shoes with Flintstone in the bootlaces will do the trick. Flint laces are pair of bootlaces with Flint at the end of the laces capped by rubber.

Buy: USD $14 
12) Tripod multi-tool

Gerber Steady multitool tripod stand

Perfect for a weekend adventure trip, the Gerber Steady tripod multitool is a good accessory to have handy in your backpack. The multitool doubles as a tripod that can be used for compact digital cameras weighting up to 340 grams or smartphones. The multitool has fine edge blade, a serrated blade, three screwdrivers, a bottle opener, pliers and wire cutters.

Buy: USD $44 



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