GoMore – World’s first wearable stamina fitness sensor for workout addicts

GoMore  Worlds first wearable stamina fitness sensor

bOMDIC is all set to reveal GoMore, the world’s first wearable stamina fitness sensor at CES 2015. The wearable gadget helps athletes and fitness enthusiast to track their stamina during workout to make changes in their workout regime for optimum benefits. In conjunction with a compatible app, the wearable fitness tracking device takes note of heart rate by calculating 64,000 data points per second. Not only workout but the sensor can be used to track fitness during hiking, cycling and other physically enduring tasks.

GoMore  Worlds first wearable stamina fitness sensor

GoMore is strapped on to chest and measures the athlete’s stamina level which may lead to muscle lassitude and build-up of lactic acid. The device takes note of stamina levels for aerobic sports, daily workout fanatics and professional athletes who are tracking their workout goals. GoMore has three standout features – Fatigue Alert, Potential Projector and Stamina Analysis.
The app tracks workout efficiency, energy levels, gives real-time alerts to adjust workout pace and maximizes fat burn in the process.

GoMore  Worlds first wearable stamina fitness sensor

According to HsinFu Kuo, CEO of bOMDIC:

GoMore empowers athletes to truly ‘go more’ by training smarter, Our App notifies athletes when they need to slow down due to fatigue while also helping them know how much more they can perform with their unused stamina.

GoMore  Worlds first wearable stamina fitness sensor

The GoMore stamina sensor and app is all set to be officially released from April 15, 2015 and operates for iOS 8.0 (or later) devices. The wearable sensor is IPX6 water resistant and has a battery life of 24 hours on one charge.

GoMore  Worlds first wearable stamina fitness sensor



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