Andes beer bottles have QR codes that reveal unique video messages

Andes beer bottle advertising campaign QR code

Advertising campaigns always bring something unique with them and so do the marketing strategies. Beer brands seem to be the most innovative when it comes to marketing strategies and USP that has something interesting in it for the end-user. Again, an Argentinian beer brand has come up with a unique way to promote its brand by infusing a hint of technology into its bottles. Andes beer has come-up with “Message in a Bottle” video promotion stunt with help of QR code technology to make its users send private message to their friends.

The bottle of Andes beer is imprinted with QR code which is linked to a unique video that you record for someone. When the person scans that QR code with their mobile device with the compatible app, the video linked with that QR code is played. Once the person for whom the video is intended watches it, the video is automatically removed from the cloud.

A video could be anything a love message, some hard fact that you always wanted to convey to a person but could never do it face to face, confessions or anything else that you feel important. As you can see from the video below, the confessions made here are quite dramatic, but still a publicity stunt though.

Via: MarketingLand



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