Smart toothbrush that connects to your smartphone

GUM play Smart toothbrush

Sunstar, a Japanese company is going to launch its smartphone compatible toothbrush dubbed the G.U.M Play (a.k.a. Smart Toothbrush) in the early half of next year. The toothbrush comes with a dock that indicates the charging level of the toothbrush and the connectivity with your smartphone. In conjunction with an app you can track all your brushing habits and also the right way to brush your teeth in case there are parts of the mouth that are not being brushed well. The app shows in visual form the teeth that are not being covered by your brushing regime, therefore prompting you to brush in the right manner to achieve best results.

GUM play Smart toothbrush

The toothbrush app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices which basically all the major smartphone models and brands. The G.U.M. Play toothbrush also plays your favorite music when you are brushing your teeth. And when things get boring the app has Mouth Monster game to pass your time and the app also recites latest news as you go on cleaning your teeth.

GUM play Smart toothbrush

All the sensing by the toothbrush is done courtesy accelerometer sensor and the wireless control is via the Bluetooth.

As soon as we have some news on this toothbrush we’ll surely update you about the price and features.

GUM play Smart toothbrush

Source: Sunstar



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