Project Ryptide – Life ring that can be carried by drone to a drowning person

Project ryptide life saving drone accessory

The future of drones is quite bright and the many uses they can be put too will also boom. Drones and quadcopters have been making all the news in the past year or so, and for good reasons alright. Making good use of drones, the Ryptide accessory makes it possible to save lives of people who are drowning. This accessory system can be carried by any drone (including DJI Phantom) that is capable of taking a GoPro camera or gimbal on-board. The accessory is a inflatable life ring that can be flown over a person in peril and dropped to help the person stay afloat.

The Ryptide project is initiated by Bill Piedra and developed in association with 5 students from the King Low Heywood Thomas school of Stamford, Connecticut. Although there has been a debate on whether drones should be allowed to fly without strict permissions or not, this drone accessory shows the advantage of a quick response UAV that can save lives when time is of the essence.

Ryptide accessory is all set to make its debut on Kickstarter crowd-funding platform in the upcoming year to raise funds. If we have to go by the speculations, the DJI Phantom compatible model will retail for $99. Currently the prototype version of this accessory is undergoing testing and development stage. We hope to see this life saving accessory that can be carried on-board a drone pretty soon.

Via: TechCrunch



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