Space footage shot with smartphone from Earth’s stratosphere

Colin Furze footage of space from earth stratosphere

Colin Furze never seizes to surprise us with his out of the box inventions that are definitely geeky. Right from the jet powered bike to the weaponized tuk tuk. Colin keeps coming up with unique ways to surprise his followers, and believe you me, we just love his creations. After spilling his madness on planet Earth, now Colin has gone beyond the horizon to shoot the first ever video of space from stratosphere, the second layer of atmosphere.

Using HTC M8 smartphones and 12 balloons Colin managed to capture spectacular videos of the record setting event. By the way this is the first ever instance of phone camera footage taken from altitude above 106,000 feet. The phones were put inside temperature resistant boxes encapsulated between bits of polystyrene and duct tape for increased protection.

Since Colin’s witty mind is behind this project therefore it is no surprise that he added fireworks to the whole show at a height of 20,000 feet above the clouds. Once the balloons reached the height of 106,500 feet, they popped and all the phones came crashing to the ground from space. Thankfully each one of them made is safely to the surface of Earth without any damage which is quite surprising. Well, done Colin you managed to bamboozle us once again mate!

Source: Youtube



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