Sticky sensors that attach to body tissue for biometric readings to the core

Sticky sensors for biometric readings

Researchers in Japan at the University of Tokyo have invented a sticky sheet of small little sensors that can be attached directly to moving joints, beating hearts or living tissue. This new innovation will open-up new avenues in medical science with the ability to implant these sensors inside the body to keep a tab on the physical changes that occur. For example when these sensors are attached to the heart, they can detect a blockage or anomaly in the blood flow from the arteries.

These sensors are very accurate at measuring the biometric information which is vital in detecting early signs of an illness. The research is headed by professor Takao Someya at the Tokyo University’s Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Systems.

Sticky sensors for biometric readings

With a thickness of just 4mm these sensors don’t cause any discomfort while wearing which is very important. Not only will the wearable sensor come handy for medical applications but also in sports science and other physical activities since it can be put onto moving joints, living tissue and beating heart.

Although we are currently at the animal experimentation stage, this compress like sensor has been successfully attached even to internal tissues such as a rat’s heart, the team said. In the future, this technology will be applied to internally implanted electrical systems and the scope of application for electrical devices will increase.

Via: JapanTimes



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