Could MyBiody Balance be the complete body checkup device you’ve been looking for?

MyBiody Balance wearable wellness body measurement device

MyBiody Balance wearable wellness body measurement device

At this year’s CES in Las Vegas, we are going to see a flood of wearable gadgets and fitness trackers that ensure a better health. And it is no surprise that French Tech and UbiFrance have selected MyBiody Balance, a wearable wellness body measurement device under development for 3 years now to be a part of this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. This niche body analyzing device with a very off-beat take on health and fitness body trackers took me by surprise too.

The device tracks your body’s internal condition by analyzing the muscle mass, fat levels, bone density, basal metabolism, hydration level and other body physics to determine the overall wellness. It tracks the impact of diet, physical activity and other changes in the body to give an in-depth account of overall body function.

The user has to connect MyBiody Balance to their feet just below the ankle area and then the device does all the tests without invasive or painful electric shock methods. The device works fine for all members of your family and tracks individual data with instant analysis that can be tracked on your PC. Therefore it is ideal for athletes, fitness freaks or aging senior citizens who need to keep a constant look on their health.

MyBiody Balance wearable wellness body measurement device

Simply attach it to your foot and get an in-depth analyses of health

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