Rollkers – Electric skates that’ll simplify commuting, come CES 2015

Rollkers electric rolling skates

Coming up with his own vision of a personal mobility vehicle, inventor Paul Chavand has plans to reveal Rollkers at CES 2015 in Las Vegas. His eco-friendly solution to a much safer and enjoyable commute is this transportation accessory that increases the average walking speed of a person by 7 miles per hour. Rollkers SAS, the French company based in Dijon under which this innovative new mobility vehicle is released, looks to revolutionize the future of commuting.

Rollkers electric rolling skates

You just have to strap these onto your feet and then go around the place wherever you want to. The roller skating like contraption is in prototype stage currently and will have a fully functional model ready by the time of CES 2015.

Rollkers electric rolling skates

There is no word yet on how these rolling steppers function, but from what I can see it has a battery and flexible chassis that allows the wheels to move independently for any type of terrain.

The concept looks quite exciting and we hope to bring you an update of Rollkers from CES 2015 from January 6-9 2015.

Rollkers electric rolling skates

Source: 3DSwipe



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