The Core 360° – World’s smallest Universal Smartphone Mount debuting at CES 2015

Core 360 smartphone mount

Information and announcements regarding gadgets and technologies to be showcased at CES 2015 have begun rolling out. Accessories for gadgets too find a place at the mega electronics show. Taking the lead, Canada-based Caseco’s Core 360°is going to be the world’s smallest universal smartphone mount to be showcased at CES this year.
Core 360° is smaller than a golf ball with a height of just 2.5 cm, which would be about the size of an USB memory stick. Clearly, the idea is to provide a less bulky, negligibly visible and flexible smartphone mount for those who don’t like to lose sight of their phone, which applies to almost every smartphone freak out there.

This small mount, made from high-quality anodized aluminum alloy, is strong enough to hold 1.3 lbs weight owing to a powerful permanent magnet that enables attachment with device. A special metal ring is held at the back of the device through a 3M adhesive, while another adhesive attach the other side of the mount onto a surface like car dashboard. The mount allows free rotation in any angle to suit user’s choice of view.

The Core 360 smartphone mount

According to Caseco’s CEO:

We believe design is everything. Unfortunately, a lot of smartphone mounts today are too big and clunky, gobbling up a lot of space in compact areas. We knew that we could design something better. So we did and made something world class, and of course smaller, while delivering the same functionality for our loyal fans.

If you are worried about the effect of strong magnet on your smartphone, then the maker claims that almost every phone in the market can withstand and even measure the strong magnetic field. However, at the same time, there is warning suggesting keeping it away from laptops, bank cards etc. as such items are too sensitive for strong magnetic fields.

The Core 360°is available at the official website of Caseco for $44.99

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