CES 2015: Linktop U2 smartwatch doubles as a digital thermometer and fitness tracker!

Linktop Technology Smart Watch

At the Consumer Electronics Show 2015 (CES) in Las Vegas Linktop Technology has introduced a very innovative gadget that combines a smartwatch and thermometer into one. Linktop U2 smartwatch is a Graphene-based thermometer that gives a very accurate body temperature reading.

The mechanical watch has a transparent color TOLED display right above the mechanical dial which is in sleep state for most of the time to conserve battery. This ensures standby time of around 30 days and is only activated when there is a notification from a connected iOS or Android device. The notifications like incoming calls, SMS, email, Facebook, Twitter or notifications from any other compatible apps.

The smartwatch also functions as a remote control for your smartphone to take pictures and toggle the music player songs. Not only this, but the wearable device acts as an activity tracker since it tracks running steps, distance covered and calories burnt too!

Coming onto the digital thermometer function of the watch, its Graphene based heat conduction technology allows for faster and accurate body temperature reading. For this reason the smartwatch is capable of monitoring body temperature 24×7 and alert whenever there is a change in temperature from normal.

Linktop U2 smartwatch is on show at booth #43009 in Westgate CES, Las Vegas and is expected to be out there for purchase later this year.



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