CES 2015: Digipas introduces eGeeTouch Smart Luggage Lock

eGeeTouch Smart Luggage Lock at CES 2015

In this age of advanced technology, traditional combination digit-dial luggage locks and keyed padlocks have become outdated and unarguably clumsy to use. Thus, to offer consumers with more efficient and modern way of safeguarding their luggage, Startup Company Digipas have announced the world’s first eGeeTouch Smart Luggage Lock at the International CES 2015. A handy product for mobile travelers worldwide, the Smart Luggage Lock enriches travel experience and enhances security of personal and important belongings in a luggage.

eGeeTouch Smart Luggage Lock at CES 2015

Instead using keys, digit wheel dials and combination codes, these electronic locks are packed with state-of-art proximity access security technology such as smart NFC, RFID and touch-screen technologies. According to the claims of Digipas, the smart device will unlock instantly with a tap of your smartphone. The eGeeTouch Smart Luggage Lock is designed to offer truly hassle-free user experience with easy unlocking and you don’t even have to worry about losing your keys or forget the 3-digit combination code. Also, there is no get anxious if your luggage is left unattended in areas such as airports, hotel rooms, trains and bus compartments.

eGeeTouch Smart Luggage Lock at CES 2015

Digipas eGeeTouch comes with a battery life of three years, however it can also be charged via USB. With a simple tap of NFC-paired smartphone, the Smart luggage lock NFC tags or paired smart devices unlock the luggage. It also comes with a backup key in case it gets locked or battery runs out. The eGeeTouch Smart Luggage Lock have a built-in TSA compliant key lock for US airports so that if needed the authorized TSA personnel can gain access.
Named 2015 CES Innovation Awards Honoree under the Tech for Better World category, Digipas eGeeTouch Smart Luggage Lock will be on display at the 2015 International CES at Las Vegas along with other new eGeeTouch smart electronic locks.

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