CES 2015: TempTraq wearable wireless thermometer remotely tracks temperature of your sick child

TempTraq monitoring intelligent thermometer at CES 2015

With wearable technology dominating and reaching its high in 2014, it was obvious that we’ll see a lot of innovative wearables at the 2015 Consumers Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Besides hi-tech wearable wrist bands, eyewear and clothing, here is one innovative product that is developed specially for concerned parents of newly born babies and young kids. TempTraq is a wireless soft patch Bluetooth thermometer that monitors the body temperature of the baby accurately up to 24 hours and keeps parents informed through an iOS or Android app.

Made from soft materials that are latex-free, it is safe to use, comfortable to wear and easy to remove. TempTraq is the only wearable and 24-hour intelligent digital thermometer that continuously senses, records, and sends alerts of a child’s temperature to mobile device of the parents. The related app lets the user track the temperature of the child remotely and tells the severity of the fever through a color code. If the temperature reaches a critical level, parents can get an alert also. The app can be used to send the temperature chart to the doctor as well for further consultation.

TempTraq monitoring intelligent thermometer at CES 2015

Currently TempTraq is FDA premarket review pending and not available for sale. However, if you are interested in the wireless Bluetooth thermometer, you can sign up on its official website to get notified when it hits the market. You can see the TempTraq monitoring intelligent thermometer at the ongoing CES 2015.

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