CES 2015: Button-sized Intel Curie module will power future wearable gadgets

Intel Curie module CES 2015

Intel Curie module for wearable gadgets

Seeing the exponential rise of wearable technology gadgets, Intel has now forayed into the market with its own version of a chip module that has Intel Quark SE SoC, Bluetooth low-energy radio, sensors, Compute and battery charging components. Intel CEO Brian Krzanich revealed the development of Intel Curie module at a keynote during the ongoing Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. The device will come with 384kB flash memory, 80kB SRAM, DSP sensor, 6-axis combo sensor with accelerometer ad gyroscope for motion sensing.

This module will run on an open source RTOS and will be the size of a button. The Intel Curie module will be the powerhouse of wearable gadgets that require a power source that has ample battery power and a small form factor that can be accommodated in modern day wearables. Not only does this module provide battery power to gadgets but also doubles a motion sensor and Bluetooth low energy radio.

Intel Curie module CES 2015

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich revealing Intel Curie module at CES 2015 keynote

According to Krzanich the module will work perfectly for wearables like rings, bags, pendants, fitness trackers or small gadgets that have very small dimensions. Intel Curie module is all set to ship in the second half of this year and it will not be surprising if wearable gadgets sport this highly efficient power source for extended period of time.

Source: Intel



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