CES 2015: Self-driving Audi A7 controlled with LG G Watch R turns eyeballs

Audi A7 self driving car controlled with LG G Watch R smartwatch

Audi A7 self driving car controlled with LG G Watch R smartwatch

Audi has always been at the forefront of automotive technology amalgamated with technology from other avenues. Seeing the popularity of wearable technology, Audi has come up with a smartwatch controlled car at CES 2015. The Audi A7 self-driving car introduced by Prof. Dr. Ulrich Hackenberg, Board of Member for Technical Development, Audi AG, is controlled using a smartwatch. Yes, you heard it right a smartwatch, LG G Watch R to be specific.

LG’s circular dial smartwatch has been specially customized with a new metal and leather version of G Watch R to match the Audi’s self-driving car. Along with that the smartwatch has a customized UI atop the Android Wear OS and new hardware like the NFC which Audi uses to connect car to the watch.

Audi A7 self driving car controlled with LG G Watch R smartwatch

Customized LG G Watch R for Audi

For now the cohesion of LG smartwatch and Audi A7 is a bit away from becoming commercialized as Audi is figuring out ways to make it ultra-secure from thefts. They might incorporate biometric sensors in the watch and the car to track driver’s body data like heart rate, retina scan or any other technology to ensure authorized use of the car.

For now we only have these details of the self-driving Audi A7 and the LG G Watch R customized for this exhibit. As soon as we have other details we’ll keep you updated.

Source: Audi Via: SlashGear



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