CES 2015: Range of Alienware gaming laptops revealed

Alienware 17 laptops

At the ongoing CES, Dell have announced a range of laptops in the XPS, Alienware, Venue and Inspiron series that it deems as the best ones in company’s history. The laptops have been designed using premium material and styling is also rejuvenated for demanding users. Alienware 15 and 17 Windows laptops are the ones that caught our eye as they come packed with the latest gaming technologies.

Alienware 17 laptops

Pitched as high-end gaming laptops that can deliver immersive gaming experience equivalent to high-end desktops, these laptops are compatible with Alienware Graphics Amplifier which can overclock your laptop automatically for gaming performance. The laptops come with optional Intel Core i7 quad-core processors and NVIDIA GTX 980m graphics. Add to that the 16GB RAM and the option of 965M, 970M and 980M graphics card from the GTX 900M graphics series.

Alienware 17 laptops

The 15-inch version of the Alienware laptop will have optional 4K “TrueLife” display capable of having maximum brightness of 350 nits while the standard Alienware 15 laptop will have 1080p anti-glare panel.
To ensure a rigid and performance-packed design the Alienware laptop range is constructed from elements like copper, aluminum and carbon-fiber composites.

Alienware 17 laptops

Both these laptops are going to be available for purchase starting from $1,199 for the Alienware 15 model and $1,499 for the Alienware 17 model.

Alienware 17 laptops

Source: Dell



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