CES 2015: Wearable Nixie drone amuses everyone at the mega event

Wearable nixie drone clicks selfies

Yes we love drones and in particular the Nixie drone that caught our eye just a few months ago. The winner of Intel Make it Wearable competition held in San Francisco, Nixie drone got the much deserved attention at CES 2015 when developer Christoph Kohstall showed the Intel Nixie drone camera in a keynote at the mega event. Intel’s keynote presented by CEO Brian Krzanich also included the Intel Curie module for modern wearables.

Coming onto this much talked about wearable drone, it is basically a wristband that when needed morphs into a quadcopter for taking remotely controlled selfies and shooting footage of yourself in action. The drone is targeted for adventure seekers who never want to miss any action filled moment of their craziness.

Wearable nixie drone clicks selfies

Image: Ethan Miller/Getty/AFP

Christoph Kohstall showed the crowd how the drone can fly off your wrist, then take a selfie and return to the sender’s palm in a jiffy. When Christoph initiated the flight of drone it clicked a selfie that was immediately shown on the big screen.

This apparently is the first public appearance of the Nixie drone and developers have promised that they will keep improving the wearable drone and soon present it for purchase.

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