CES 2015: 3D printed animatronics dress that safeguards your personal space

3D printed Smart Spider Dress CES 2015

When you combine wearable technology and 3D printing technology, the result is surely destined to be spectacular. Going one step ahead of the Synapse Dress that is programmed using the Intel Edison microcontroller chip is the Smart Spider Dress. What it does, well protect you from any intrusion into your personal space. The 3D printed dress is currently on display at the ongoing CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2015 in Las Vegas.

Smart Spider Dress is work of Dutch designer Anouk Wipprecht which is designed to show the possibilities of robotics, wearable technology and fashion in perfect blend. Apparently Synapse Dress has also been designed by Anouk and she surely has been putting the Intel Edison microchip to good use.

Other than that the chip has two sensors; one which tracks and analyzes body language of the person to a range of seven meters. The second sensor keeps track of the respiration level of the person wearing it.

If some anomaly is detected then the dress with retractable spines called animatronic arachnid limbs shoot out to warn in self-defense.

According to Anouk Wipprecht;

Since the system based with mechanic spider legs is literally hosted on the shoulders of the wearer and attacks using the same viewing angle as the wearer, the system knows how you feel and adapts to those feelings. When approached at an aggressive pace, the system answers in a territorial attack mode. But when you walk up to the dress in a more cautious, friendly symbiotic way, you can almost get the dress to invite you closer, as if to ‘dance’ with you.



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