CES 2015: Get a fake Chinese Apple Watch for $27

Fake Chinese Apple Watch at CES 2015

Fake Chinese Apple Watch at CES 2015

If you have run out of patience in the wait of Apple Watch which is expected to launch in the month of the March, here is a fake Chinese and much cheaper version for you. Hyperdon, Shenzhen-based Company is attracting a lot of attention at the CES 2015 by offering fake versions of the new Apple Watch. Christened Smart Watch, the wearable almost looks like the real expected Apple Watch, of course until you get your hands on it. On display in the back of one of the smaller halls at the event, Mashable succeeded to get its hands on the Smart Watch and put it to the test.

Fake Chinese Apple Watch at CES 2015

Smart Watch can make phone calls and play music

According to the Mashable reporter who bought it for $27, the screen of the watch only displays when turned on and most of its icons are a bold copy of Apple designs. It took him few tries to connect to her iPhone 6, but once paired he was able to make phone calls and play music through the watch. The Hyperdon Smart Watch also have a pedometer, stopwatch, alarm and the Anti-lost feature that alerts the user when he gets out of the Bluetooth range of the smartphone. The watch charges via a USB cable and the company claims a battery life of more than 180 hours.

Hyperdon Smart Watch at CES 2015

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