Detroit Auto Show 2015: Two door Infinity Q60 Concept coupe makes first presence

Infinity Q60 Concept coupe Detroit Auto Show

Infinity Q60 Concept coupe at Detroit Auto Show 2015

Nissan Motor Co. luxury brand Infinity has launched its Q60 Concept at Detroit Auto Show 2015 on Sunday at the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit. Infinity Q60 Concept is a high performance two-door coupe takes its design cues from the Q80Inspiration and Q50 Eau Rouge debuted in 2014. The car is powered by a twin-turbo three liter V6 engine with direct fuel injection system that paves way for more power and low-emissions.

The all-wheel drive car has seven speed automatic transmission which transmits power to all the wheels or either the rear or front wheels. To improve the sportiness of the car the coupe features a drive-by-wire Direct Adaptive Steering. Exteriors of the car look impressive in aluminum-bodied design with aerodynamic flow from front to the rear.

Infinity Q60 Concept has 21-inch wheels that give it a very sporty look, further refined by the aerodynamic fins between the door, wheel-wells and carbon fiber wings for a muscular look.

Infinity Q60 Concept coupe Detroit Auto Show

Plush interiors that are impressive

Interiors of the coupe are drenched in leather, Alcantara and carbon fiber material fused together to provide a very hypnotic look. Of-course the look is complimented well by the InTuition infotainment system and ice-blue instrument lighting.

Infinity Q60 Concept coupe Detroit Auto Show

Aerodynamic design that will be seen in the production model

The production model of Infinity Q60 is rumored to be very close to what this concept coupe looks and feels like. The only things missing are going to be high cost materials like carbon fiber.

Infinity Q60 Concept coupe Detroit Auto Show

Powered by a twin-turbo three liter V6 engine

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