Goldgenie gives gold treatment to BlackBerry Passport smartphone

Gold edition BlackBerry Passport smartphone by Goldgenie

Gold edition BlackBerry Passport smartphone by Goldgenie

Remember the Gold edition BlackBerry Passport smartphone who leaked images were seen about a couple of months ago? Well, after teasing the interested buyers for quite some time, finally the gold smartphone is officially out and available for purchase. The 24K gold BlackBerry Passport smartphone is crafted by folks at Goldgenie who are always ready to add their Midas touch to modern technology. The luxury brand team was so impressed by Blackberry’s latest release that they decided to adorn it with gold. Thus, when masters of mobile business joined hands with leaders in luxury customization, it was certain that we’ll see a masterpiece that is both functional and beautiful.

Gold edition BlackBerry Passport smartphone by Goldgenie

BlackBerry Passport smartphone gets gold treatment

One of the most sophisticated smartphones, the BlackBerry Passport Smartphone combines a large high resolution touch screen with a unique touch-enabled physical keyboard. The smartphone comes with 3GB of RAM, 32GB of internal storage plus 128GB MicroSD card and a 13MP OIS Camera. Moreover, the smartphone offers best battery performance to date with up to 30 hours of battery life. Surrounded by a sleek square metal frame, the large screen can display full desktop websites so web-browsing isn’t compromised and reading is effortless without having to scroll. The device’s keyboard is also touch-enabled, allowing for both accuracy and intuitive responsiveness as you navigate your workflow. Also, Blackberry Hub allow users to stay on top of conversations across email, BBM, text messages and social media platforms in one place.

Gold edition BlackBerry Passport smartphone by Goldgenie

24-karat gold BlackBerry Passport smartphone

The gold BlackBerry Passport will come in three versions: a 24-karat gold priced at $1,900, a rose gold model at $1,950 and a platinum variant costing about $2,000. All these BlackBerrys will come with Clear-Coat full body protection. After the Goldgenie’s luxurious embellishment, the Passport holder will be a firm member of their Gold club and benefit from a lifetime guarantee on its customization.

Gold edition BlackBerry Passport smartphone by Goldgenie

Gold edition BlackBerry Passport smartphone package box



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