popSlate iPhone 6 case blesses your smartphone with a low-energy secondary display

iPhone 6 popslate case

So, just got your new iPhone 6 and looking for a case cover to protect the smartphone? Hang-on then, just don’t jump the gun and go for any ordinary iPhone 6 case out there. popSlate case cover for iPhone 6 makes any case cover out there look ordinary with its self-powered 4-inch E-paper screen (e-ink display) on the back panel which gives you an added screen for the phone. Of-course it acts as a case cover for protection and courtesy its own battery power, microcontroller chip and on-board memory.

The case screen can have anything you want; the pictures of your loved ones, important information to display or a wallpaper. It also acts as a secondary screen to display important notifications and you can use this display as a display for while taking pictures. Not only that, the e-ink display can be used to display a static wallpaper or photo you love at all times without using much of the battery.

This case reminds me of the YotaPhone 2 which has a dual display to save the battery of phone. When compared to the YotaPhone, popSlate iPhone6 case is more practical since it has its own battery that goes for weeks without needing a recharge and also gives the user a secondary screen for checking out things in a jiffy.

popSlate iPhone 6 case is going to cost you $130 which may not sound that cheap, but hey, it does provide some cool features dude! Those who are intrigued by the prospect can pre-order it now and the case will be shipped in the month of February 2015.

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