Apple patents remote-controlled wearable camera, worries GoPro investors

Apple patents wearable camera

It looks like gloomy days are just on the horizon for American manufacturer of high-definition personal cameras GoPro. Just after the announcement that Apple is awarded a patent for a remote-controlled wearable camera, shares of GoPro stock plunged as much as 15% to its lowest levels since August 2014. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) granted Apple more than 30 patents relating to a camera system that can be mounted on bike helmets or scuba masks and can be controlled remotely. Actually, the patent was filed by Apple back in 2012 incorporates some of the technology from Eastman Kodak it acquired in November 2013.

Apple’s newly patented camera system will be able to record video and sound underwater. The patent clearly mentions weakness in GoPro’s system, however according to analysts it is too early to assume that Apple will be launching an action camera accessory any soon. Also, every year Apple files thousands of patents, numerous with no intention to bring into the market. Well, Apple could also use the technology to allow users control cameras of their iPads and iPhones through another Apple device. For now, GoPro is the ultimate leader in providing action camera accessories and we’ll have to wait and see what unfolds next regarding this story.

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