PlayBox: Laptop combines a PS4 with XBox One

Xbook One by Ed Zarick

Ed Zarick, US based self-taught engineer and console modder have created Xbook One, an Xbox One laptop that will bring smile to the face of every gamer out here. Combining a PS4 with an Xbox One in the same device, the PlayBox is a plastic case which holds an Xbox One inside with a 22″ LED LDC monitor and a custom-built base that contains the vital parts of the console. In the past too, Ed Zarick has created number of Xbooks laptops and his last creation was the PlayBook 4, which he had created last October.

With the PlayBox, Ed managed to split the consoles to left and right, each running the same screen and with the need of only one power cord. However, at any given time, user can power either the Xbox one or PS4. Good thing is that both can be fed by Ethernet for internet access. Also, it comes with an HDMI port that can be used to plug the device to an external TV. The creator have spent a lot of hours working on the XBook One trying to get ease of producing them easier. According to him, the quicker he can build these, the cheaper he can sell them.

Xbook One by Ed Zarick

However, due to high cost of the new Xbox as compared to the 360s and expensive parts, the price of the Xbook One is more than the previous models. A 500 Xbook One with Kinect is priced at $1495 and the buyer will have to pay for shipping too.

Xbook One by Ed Zarick

Via: Pocket-lint



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