Downtown Los Angles traffic sign hacked to display a thought-provoking message

Traffic sign board hack

Los Angles Traffic sign board hack

Whining all day about Facebook, Google+, Twitter and countless other apps on smartphone? Having sleep disorders and anxiety that won’t keep off of you? Then you seriously need to get into the habit of reading books and keeping yourself in a healthy state sans any insomnia nightmares. The popular Twitter hashtag #ReadAFuckingBook has been circulating since 2010 and it urges all smartphone fanatics to get into the habit of reading books to inculcate creativity and positive though process.

Now in an unprecedented turn of events an anonymous hacker has taken the matters into his own hand and hacked a downtown Los Angles digital traffic sign to display the message “READ A FUCKING BOOK”. A very strong message that urges us all to get out of our self-built virtual reality shell, taking us away from the good things in life.

The message was perhaps put up by a hacker who is frustrated by the world’s craving for superficial things like a Facebook status or Twitter tweet which urges the users to keep hanging onto their phones or tablets till the late hours of the night. So, if you already haven’t got the message, get in the habit of reading a book from today!

Via: LAWeekly



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