Colin’s Heated Shoes will keep you warm but might set you on fire!

Colin Furze heated shoes

Gas-powered Heated Shoes

Colin Furze is out with his new invention that looks scary but is interesting in a funny way. Blokes, this time the crazy brit has come up with Heated Shoes for the winter season to keep col feet warm. I’m not sure about the safety aspect of these gas-powered heated slippers, but one thing is for sure, Colin is right up there on the craziness meter.

Colin has made these Heated Shoes as a part of the Furze’s Invention Show which invites loyal subscribers to suggest bonker ideas. And the one that clicks Colin’s head the most, get a chance to feature on this show. Of-course you can make them yourselves too, just like Colin did.

Coming onto the Heated Shoes, Colin has fitted an ordinary pair of slippers with gasoline powered contraptions that heat the sole of slippers and keep you warm. They do look bulky and extra-weight to carry around, but hey, this is Colin’s show and you don’t expect anything simple in here!



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