High capacity foldable battery for wearables revealed at the Wearable Expo in Tokyo

J.Flex Jenax foldable battery for wearable gadgets

J.Flex Jenax foldable battery for wearable gadgets

At the on-going Wearable Expo in Tokyo, Jenax (Busan-based company) has unveiled a bendable battery dubbed Jenax that can take any shape. Quite feasible for wearable gadgets, I bet. This innovative battery can bend, fold or take shape of origami art to demonstrate its flexibility. The lithium-ion battery uses metal fiber technology that can take-on 1,00,000 times bending in its complete lifecycle. The thickness of this battery can vary from 3.5cm to 20cm depending on the gadget that it is being used for. The battery has an impressive capacity of 2500mAh which is like nectar for wearable gadgets that are only accustomed to up to 500mAh for battery power courtesy the current iteration of batteries to power such devices.

J.Flex Jenax foldable battery for wearable gadgets

High capacity battery of up to 2500mAh

If you are acquainted with the technology innovations in the present era, flexible is the name of the game with flexible displays and small form-factor wearable devices ruling the roost. Keeping this in mind J.Flex Jenax foldable battery is designed keeping in mind modern day wearable gadgets that need to be water-proof too.

So, don’t be surprised to see a bendable smartphone that you can roll-up like a scroll since folding displays and flexible batteries will act as perfect accessories in future mobile devices.

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