Make sure you don’t fall in love with the Personal Robot this valentine!

Personal Robot by robotbase

Always wanted a personal robot that knows your every need, mood and everything else? A personal assistant that is smarter than any other robot and learns your life chores as it spends time with you? Well, Personal Robot by Robotbase, a Kickstarter project that promises to bring home a personal assistant which can do everything right from safeguarding your home to suggesting what to wear for a special occasion! Reaching almost twice the funding goal amount with more than two weeks to go, Personal Robot will bring artificial intelligence of the highest level to your life.

The smart robotic device is loaded with object recognition technology, 3D depth camera, voice command support, natural language understanding algorithms and emotion tracking software to make your life easier. This robotic device has the voice of a female assistant and the face of a damsel who is all set to take control of your life for a better you.

Personal Robot by robotbase specifications

It can understand you queries and answer them appropriately or control devices in your home for upbeat application of Internet of Things. For example setting morning alarm for you, tracking sleep, heart-rate monitoring, reciting lullabies to your kids, order groceries, suggesting clothing to match the attire and the list goes on. Personal assistant can move around the house autonomously with navigation and mapping algorithms. The embedded sensors allow it to track room temperature, humidity level and air quality.

So, what more can you ask for in a robot? I think this personal assistant robot does an array of tasks that make it worthwhile bringing home when it finally ships in December 2015. You’ll have to pledge a minimum amount of $1,195 USD to grab one for yourself, and expect the price to rise once it hits the commercial market sometime next year.



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