DIYer creates electric hammer inspired by a Simpsons episode

DIY Electric hammer by Patrick Priebe

Inventing something new just for the sake of invention is a good thing if it pays-off in a big way. At other times it is done solely for entertainment and gobbling-up views on the internet. This electric hammer DIY lies somewhere between these two thoughts and it caught our eye. German DIYer Patrick Priebe who got inspired by the episode of Simpsons where Homer Jay Simpson gets the idea of making an electric hammer as a tribute to his hero Thomas Edison.

This electric hammer is made from scratch using an electromagnetic coil, cylindrical steel core, fiberglass rod and other household material. The maker explains how he fitted the things together and the mechanism for providing a thumping forward thrust to hammer down nails.

DIY Electric hammer by Patrick Priebe

As predicted, this electric hammer is able to push the nails easily into the board when Patrick tests it. But there is no substitute for raw human power, and I’m sure this electric hammer will find it hard to dig the big nails into wood or walls when put to the test.

You can also have a look at the way in which Patrick has made this electric hammer and if you have a way to improve it further, then you can also make one for yourself. And mind you, don’t forget to share it with us!

Source: LaserGadgets



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