Say goodbye to ear infections with CellScope Oto HOME accessory for smartphones

Oto home ear infection detection device

Ear infections in children are a big problem for parents, and it costs the US healthcare more than $3.5 billion a year. Ear infections become much more prevalent in the cold and flu seasons when ear infections are very common, especially in children. Now, that is a huge amount for a single non-fatal problem that has to come with a simpler solution. CellScope Oto HOME accessory for iPhone vouches to be that simple solution which takes a recording of the ear and then via Oto CONNECT service sends the data to a physician for remote clinical assessment and prescription.

Oto home ear infection detection device

This way you can eliminate the need to go to a physician for checkup, as and when the infection occurs. Oto HOME gadget accessory comes with a compatible app that allows you to see inside the ear footage and get it examined by a local medical practitioner too. Other than that, if you choose to send the footage Oto CONNECT service, then the doctor will analyze the footage in under two hours’ time and send the recommended treatment or prescription.

Oto home ear infection detection device

You just have to attach the accessory to your iPhone camera and then start recording the in-ear footage. Oto HOME is available for pre-order during a limited release in California for $79 USD and slated for shipping in late December. For those of you residing outside California, the device will be available in mid-2015.

Via: NPR



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