Atom Car – Most expensive gold plated electric car for kids costs £29,995!

Atom Car gold plated electric car for kids

Got plenty of money to spare for plush spending? Planning to buy another sports car for yourself? Well, you better have a look at the Atom Car, a gold-plated electric car that will set you back £29,995 ($46,930 USD)! This is way costlier than the ultra-customizable Henes Broon F830 electric supercar and twice as pricy as the DB Convertible. For than hefty price you get a plush car that has 48 hours of battery power and top speed of 15mph courtesy the 48-volt electric motor.

Atom Car gold plated electric car for kids

Draped in gold color, this electric car is as plush as you would expect a kid’s drivable car to be. No doubt that the look is epitomizing the brand value and that exclusive feel while driving. What else can your kid ask for in a toy!

Coming on to the features, this EV has luxurious Nappa leather interiors, LED lights, dashboard console with switches and adjustable speed setting of maximum of 15mph. Other than that you can customize the number plates and car’s stitch work according to your liking.

The gold plated Atom Car can be yours for a mind-boggling price of £29,995 and is available from Selfridges Oxford Street store in London. You can jump on to the official website to learn more about Atom Cars.

Atom Car gold plated electric car for kids

Via: Metro



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