Microsoft HoloLens brings holographic imaging to your real world

Microsoft HoloLens

At the Windows 10 event Microsoft has released the HoloLens holographic computer which has an unreleased Intel Atom chip dubbed Cherry Trail. This new HUD technology blends high-definition holograms with the real world to make possible things you’ve never done before. With the HoloLens one can play 3D games chat on Skype or build 3D objects for a very fresh kind of human-computer interaction.

The Cherry Trail microchip used in the HoloLens is made using Intel’s 14-nanometer manufacturing process, deemed as one of the most advanced in the semiconductor industry. Microsoft didn’t reveal much about the hardware details of this wearable gadget, but anonymous sources hinted that it has a CPU, graphics core and Holographic processing unit (HPU). The HPU is a vector or graphics processor which can recognize objects and take care of the rendering and display of 3D images.

This augmented reality gadget will have gesture control (with hands and eye movement) to interact with the virtual reality environment panned in front of the user wearing it. To complement the augmented reality environment the wearable comes with spatial sound for an immersive experience.

Microsoft hasn’t yet provided any details of availability of HoloLens but it is speculated to be shipped in the latter half of this year. But one thing is for sure, it will bring stern competition to HUD gadgets like Google Glass, Oculus Rift and Sony’s single-lens display.

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