DALER robot – Autonomous flying vampire bat that’s a little less ugly

DALER robot

Whether we call them UAVs, drones or quadcopters; all of these robotic unmanned flying gadgets have changed the way we perceive aerial surveillance. Taking inspiration form the flight of vampire bat (Desmodus rotundus), Ludovic Daler has created a flying robot that has foldable wings and walks on land like an ugly bat would do. Ludovic calls it DALER (Deployable Air-Land Exploration Robot) which has ground locomotion mode aimed for surveillance missions that require both aerial and land search in constricted spaces. The details of robot have been published in a paper by Bioinspiration & Biometrics.

Of-course the flying ability of the robot is primary and ground locomotion is primary, therefore everything is centered around stable flying ability of the DALER robot. This very functionality gives the robot freedom to take flight and land anywhere without any problem. In locomotion mode the robot can reach speed of 20 m/s which is better than no locomotion at all.

The robot is made from flexible yet robust material that can take on the impacts of a rough landing or getting collided with an obstacle. This is very important for missions that are run in secluded spaces or tough terrain.

DALER robot

The possible applications of DALER robot in a real world situation include the search of victims in a rescue mission or natural disaster. Another possibility could be the deployment of this robot in hazardous areas for assistance of human rescue teams in buildings.

Source: EPLF Via: RoboHub



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