Nand Logic Helmet: Not just smart, but an intelligent head-gear

Nand Logic's Smart Helmet

A prototype smart helmet made an appearance at CES 2015 and the designer, Nand Logic, is looking to launch a fund raising campaign on Kickstarter for the production of more units. The uniqueness of this smart helmet is characterized by inclusion of almost every possible, portable technology including telecommunication functions. It has got an onboard multicore SoC that runs various electronics like integrated accelerometer, gyroscope, ambient light sensor, Bluetooth and GPS module, along with temperature and humidity sensors.

For image processing, there are front and rear HD cameras for videos and still image capturing. All the data is stored on SD card. It has so called intelligent lighting system, object tracking and proximity sensors to alarm a collision condition. For visual warning system, there are LEDs in the user’s peripheral vision and stereo speakers for audio announcement. The object tracking algorithm can track traffic status around the rider. Built-in-turn signals and a brake light make indication clear and precise. You can receive, make calls through it and play music too.

Nand Logic's Smart Helmet 3

You can also call it Intelligent Helmet with higher cognitive task performance capabilities. It merges with the concept of augmented reality, more or less. The uses for this helmet are countless for cyclists, bikers, and number of other adventure loving people or anywhere a person needs to wear a helmet.

If you are riding through noisy traffic, then it’ll not hesitate to deploy its in-built noise cancellation, but it’ll not lose the honking ones. If it gets too hot inside, then there is fan to cool you down too. Well, all of it will come with a heavy price tag. Presently, the target price at Kickstarter is expected to be around USD $500.

Nand Logic's Smart Helmet 2

It’s not the first one to be called a smart helmet. Last year, Intel had partnered with students at Oregon State University to create a smart safety helmet for cyclists. Referred as black box helmet, the built-in sensors can record data and happenings during the crash.

Then, a Sydney-based designer Toby King had come up with an innovative concept helmet for cyclists called Christened Smart Hat, and promoted with the tagline ‘For Responsible Cyclists’, the concept helmet has been designed to considerably increase rider safety.

However, the Nand Logic’s Smart Helmet tends to be a multipurpose wearable tech hub. Well, this ‘smart-tech’ business is flooding into every sphere of life, and now we have a lot of technologies, ready to make us smarter.




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