Apple Lightmac concept is a desktop computer of the future

Apple Lightmac concept by Tomas Moyano

The involvement of advanced technology in our daily lives is increasing day by day. With latest technology serving as a significant platform, major companies and designers are using their creativity and futuristic imagination to bring hi-tech and user-friendly products to a common man. Industrial designer Tomas Moyano is one such person who has created an innovative concept that combines the power of a desktop computer with projected touch screen. Called Apple Lightmac, the concept aims be to Apple’s next step in computer evolution. The unique design incorporates desktop power with the user experience and portability of tablets along with the progressing technology of projected touch screens.

Apple Lightmac concept by Tomas Moyano

The central module housing all the technical components provides the power of a desktop computer. The re-sizable screen projects a virtual touch screen and offers a user experience similar to a tablet. The central component is powered by core i9 processor and can work in sync via Bluetooth 6.0 with the other external modules and with the wireless keyboard too. It comes with 16 GB of RAM and 24 hour battery life while the peripheral parts have a battery life of 12 hours and can be re-sized to offer a customizable interaction. According to Tomas Moyano, the Apple Lightmac will hit the market somewhere around 2025.

Apple Lightmac concept by Tomas Moyano

Apple Lightmac concept by Tomas Moyano

Via: Designboom



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