Chinese inventor builds a petrol-powered robot horse

petrol-powered robot horse by Su Daocheng

Once in a while, there comes a Chinese guy that comes up with something unique and innovative to surprise and amaze us all. Today it is Su Daocheng, a retiree in his 60s who has invented a petrol-powered robot horse. A resident of Shiyan, a prefecture-level city in northwestern Hubei province, Su Daocheng have a huge fascination for machinery and contraptions. Known to build creative machines in the past also, the petrol-powered robot horse is the latest creation of the Chinese inventor. Capable of being driven on the road, the retiree was seen flaunting and showcasing the huge robotic horse through the streets of Shiyan.

Inspired by an ancient “wooden Ox and gliding horse” transportation device that was invented by scholar Zhuge Liang (181–234) AD, Su’s robot horse is made from a racing kart engine. The robotic horse weighs around 250kg and stands 1.5m tall and 2m long. The vehicle runs on petrol and is propelled forward by two spring-loaded back legs that move back and forth. The front is supported by small wheels whereas the front legs are just there for showcasing. The seat is placed above the engine from where the driver can glide the mechanical horse using a steering wheel. His previous creation was a gasoline-powered mechanical elephant for which he had won an award at Design Shanghai.

petrol-powered robot horse by Su Daocheng

Via: IBtimes



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