World’s first pink iPhone 6 coming this Valentine’s Day

Amosu pink iPhone 6 on Valentines day

Whatever may the technology reviewers like us think about the iPhone 6 but it is a hot gadget alright. The iPhone 6 accessories and news concerning the smartphone always sells as hot cakes in the market. This also gives opportunity to third-party manufacturers to come up with iPhone 6 variants that are a bit different from the league. Amosu, a renowned luxury-brand company has come up with a limited edition Apple iPhone 6 in pink flavor. Deemed as the world’s first pink iPhone 6, the custom-made Apple iPhone draped in pink color will be launched on Valentine’s Day.

Surprisingly only 10 such phones will be made, and that takes limited edition credential to a whole new level. Back of the phone will carry the Alexander Amosu logo and also the byline “World’s First Pink iPhone 6”. However I don’t like the byline being imprinted on the phone as it mars the look of the smartphone. Although I hope that this line is just for the promotional purpose and won’t be there in the final pink iPhone 6.

Since the phone is going to be limited to just 10 units, therefore the price tag of £1,899 ($2851.38 USD) is quite justified. Maybe a perfect gift for your special someone this valentine if you’ve got this much money to spend on your love.

Via: GSMArena



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