Semi-transparent Honda CB500 motorcycle replica is meticulously 3D printed

3D printed Honda CB500 motorcycle replica

3D printed Honda CB500 motorcycle replica

Making large 3D printed objects has become a possibility with new age 3D printers, but making a life-sized motorcycle with a normal sized desktop 3D printer is something worth appreciating. Jonathan Brand, a Canadian born artist based in new York and Connecticut has completed his ambitious project of making a life-sized replica of 1972 Honda CB500 motorcycle.

Although the motorcycle is non-rideable and non-functional but still it is something perfect for a collector’s edition. Jonathan came up with the idea of making a 3D printed Honda CB500 motorcycle because he never got the chance to own one. With not much knowledge of 3D printing, he came up with his own creativity to complete the project with help from Ultimaker who are one of the most upbeat 3D printing companies.

3D printed Honda CB500 motorcycle replica

Each 3D printed component is just 1mm thick

Jonathan used thin sheets of PLA filament to 3D print semi-transparent components for this replica motorcycle. The sections are just 1mm thick and are very meticulously melted together. The overall structure weights 18 kilograms and measures 82 x 32 x 50 inches in total. Kudos Jonathan for making such a precisely crafted motorcycle replica.

3D printed Honda CB500 motorcycle replica

Thin sheets of PLA filament used as the raw material

3D printed Honda CB500 motorcycle replica

Semi-transparent look to make it unique

Via: 3Ders



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