StretchSense fabric sensor – Wearable that functions like your second skin

Strechsense fabric seensor wearable

Strechsense fabric sensor wearable

StrechSense, the maker of a wearable sensor system that has fabric which registers the user’s movement has successfully been demonstrated at the WT Conference being held in Munich. The winner of WT Innovation World Cup 14/15 that recognizes some of the best wearable gadgets in the world. This wearable fabric sensor can be used for sports, medical applications, motion tracking industry and fitness tracking along with other applications too.

According to CEO Dr Ben O’Brien, this fabric sensor is quite slim and can be also used in the wearer’s clothing and on the body. It comes with a strain-locking mechanism that limits the stretch range of the flexible fabric and gives the wearer freedom to move in any direction without any worries.

StretchSense fabric sensor sends real time motion data through Bluetooth low Energy and displays all the information on smartphone in conjunction with app. The wearable is expected to be hitting the market sometime later this year, but there is no word yet from the makers.

Although the testing version of the wearable sensors is already being used by 80 customers in 15 countries in a wide array of applications. You can also opt for the testing version kit that will set you back $300 USD, but only 100 are available, so you better hit the pre-order button right now!

Stretchsense wearable

Runs on Bluetooth Low Energy Module

Strecthsense wearable

Flexible enough to be worn comfortably

Strechsense wearable

Testing kits out now for pre-order

Strechsense wearable

Winner of WT Innovation World Cup 14/15



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