DIY Starship Enterprise replica crafted from 18000 Legos!

Lego NCC 1701 USS Enterprise by Chris Melby

Have a look at this Star Trek Starship Enterprise replica made from more than 18000 Legos. Measuring 68 inches long, 29 inches wide and with height of 32 inches this NCC-1701 USS Enterprise created by Chris Melby took almost 8 months to make. And he has named it as Beagle. To make such a large structure without compromising its structural strength, Chris made it in layers by taking picture references to preserve the structural strength and no doubting it required millimeter precision.

Lego NCC 1701 USS Enterprise by Chris Melby

He also made a point to use attractive color representations in blue, white and grey. All of this precise crafting finally led to this, and definitely it impressed me beyond belief. Have a look at some pictures of the replica and you’ll be impressed too.

Lego NCC 1701 USS Enterprise by Chris Melby



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