Olympus Air A01 – One of its kind smartphone controlled DSLR camera lens

Olympus Air A01 smartphone controlled DSLR lens

Olympus Air A01 smartphone controlled DSLR lens

In a world dominated by social networks that prompt you to share your life via photographs with your friends, the urge to come-up with eye-catchy photos is in trend these days. Smartphone manufacturers are coming up with photo-centric phones that have excellent picture quality, but to be frank none of them can compete with the DSLR’s. No matter how good a photographer you are, smartphone cameras have their limitations. Keeping this in mind Olympus have come up with a new concept for quality photography with your smartphone.

Olympus Air A01 is a portable camera sensor and lens mount that is controlled by your smartphone. It provides interchangeable lens camera image quality of Micro Four Thirds standard, wide angle, telephoto and macro shooting lenses in conjunction with app(s). The 16MP camera accessory weighs 147 grams and is quite portable to be held in any kind of position to take stable photographs, even selfies. It comes with 1/16000 ultra-high-speed shutter for capturing moving objects and the 10 fps high-speed lens provides sequential shooting of the highest quality.

Olympus Air A01 smartphone controlled DSLR lens

Standalone DSLR lens with incredible features

The camera lens functions mostly like a standalone lens connected to a camera rig, but with just one difference. You can control the manual settings of the camera like shutter speed, focus level, ISO etc. with the apps that are compatible with it. Moreover the apps for this accessory let you edit the photographs instantly and much more.

Olympus Air A01 is going to be released on March 6, 2015 in two color options – black and white for a price tag of 33,800 Japanese Yen ($288 USD) in Japan and then in other parts of the globe.

Olympus Air A01 smartphone controlled DSLR lens

You can take selfies and edit photos instantly with apps

Olympus Air A01 smartphone controlled DSLR lens

Camera accessory that every photographer will rejoice

Source: Olympus



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