Samsung Gear VR headset will traverse Qantas Airline passengers into virtual reality

Samsung Gear VR headset in Qatas airline

Qantas Airlines to have Samsung Gear VR headset for its first class passengers

Samsung released the Gear VR headset a few months ago and although it created the buzz for all the good reasons, it couldn’t escape from its fair share of criticism too with health related issues propping-up with the use of this headset. That said, Samsung Gear VR has become the first choice for Qantas Australian Airline which has announced a collaboration with Samsung to provide the headset for its first-class and international first lounge passengers. The headset will be featured in First Class Lounge of Sydney and Melbourne flight from mid-February, as well as select flights between Australia and Los Angles inside the First Class cabin from mid-March 2015.

Samsung Gear VR headset in Qatas airline

Using Note 4 as the display, Gear VR takes you to a augmented reality environment

This trial experiment will last for three months and at the end of that period the airline will access the reviews of customers. The virtual reality headset will take the customers to an immersive virtual reality world with latest blockbuster movies being showcased in 3D environment.

But that is just secondary, Qantas will have in-flight VR program created by Jaunt that will give wearer’s a 360 view of Qantas’s ultra-moderen first class lounge in LAX, flight take-off or landing, boat ride in Northern Territory river in Kakadu National Park.

Samsung Gear VR headset in Qatas airline

The VR headset fits right over your eyes for an unmatchable 3D experience

Since the VR headset has Samsung Note 4 as the display screen, so you would expect the battery to run out at some time during the flight. I hope Qantas has got that figured out in time.

Samsung Gear VR headset in Qatas airline

The headset will be employed in select Qantas Airlines in Australia

Source: Qantas Via: RoadToVR



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