Swatch smartwatch slated to be released in April 2015

Swatch smartwatch

Going-in with the trend of smartwatches that is going to escalate even more in the future, Swatch has also jumped into the band-wagon and hinted on plans to release a smartwatch after three months. This decision by the world’s largest watchmaker clearly shows the kind of popularity smartwatches are going to have in the coming years. Company CEO hinted that the Swatch smartwatch will have communication, mobile payment and app support for Windows and Android operating system. The USP of the smartwatch is going to be its ability to function without the need to charge.

Like other smartwatches this watch is going to have communication feature support including notification on incoming SMS, calls and alerts from emails and social networks. Since the smartwatch doesn’t need any charging, hence it is going to create some headaches for major player like Moto 360, Apple Watch or Samsung Gear.

Swatch has plans to launch this smartwatch in the month of April and other than this Swatch hasn’t shared any details regarding their smartwatch. The only thing we can assume is that it is going to be on the side of higher price range.

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