How about magnetic sensors embedded in your skin?

imperceptible magnetic sensor

Magnetic sensor that gives you added perception of directional sense

We humans have become so advanced in technology that it is only time before we can mimic all living things in robotics form. But what we lack is certain things that only some animal species have. For example, the ability to sense magnetic fields which helps them in getting a sense of direction during long migrating stints. Sharks, birds and insects can orient themselves in the right direction by sensing the magnetic fields of earth which gives them accurate perception of altitude and direction. Experts call it magnetoception as it gives a unique sense of perception governed by magnetic field.

Magnetic sensors

Flexible sensors that are thin and light-weight

Now, researchers from Leibniz Institute for Solid State and Materials Research in Dresden, Germany along with TU Chemnitz in collaboration with researchers at the University of Tokyo and Osaka University in Japan have developed an external sensor that brings magnetoception to the humans.

The tiny sensor that is just 2 micrometers thick and weighs 3 grams per square meter can be manipulated in any shape without losing its inherent functionality. In-fact one can crumple it like a piece of paper too. In addition to that, one can stretch it to 270 percent of the original size for almost 1000 cycles, and it still won’t deteriorate.

The imperceptible magneto-sensitive skin sensor enables important functions like navigation, touchless control and proximity detection. These functions can be implemented in applications like robotics, wearable technology and healthcare monitoring. The development of magnetic sensors would add another dimension to the already existing sensors such as temperature sensor or gyroscopes. This in turn will help in making new developments in wearable technology and robotics.

Source: Nature Credit: CNet



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