Spot robotic dog is an intelligent pet you’d want to own

Spot dof robot by Boston Dynamics

Robotics has been on the top list for Google acquisitions and for good reason too. It is the future of how we live. Ever since Google has acquired Boston Dynamics, there have been some interesting robots shown to the world. And now we have Spot, a robotic dog that is the smaller version of its big predecessor Big Dog. The robotic dog is hydraulically actuated and the head-mounted sensors give it the sense of direction. It can walk, run, climb stairs or trot around the park just like a real dog and the buck doesn’t stop there. Any attempts to get it wrong footed are also neutralized.

As you can see from the video above, Spot manages to survive quite a forceful kick from one of the office worker, as it stabilizes itself quite like the real animal would do. The robotic dog weighing 160 lbs can perform in any kind of environment and traverse the toughest of terrain too.

Spot robot is a good example of what is happening at Boston Dynamics, and the kind of expertise they are putting into the development of future robots that can perform very much like real animals. Such kind of robots will pave way for the future in rescue missions and other similar environments.

Via: Gizmodo



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